Being Dark-Skinned in the Philippines (Or Asia For That Matter…)

Being dark-skinned in the Philippines (or even Asia for that matter) hasn’t always been that easy. Not only do I get judged a lot, ESPECIALLY since I have a foreign boyfriend, but everyday choices are made even more challenging. Really! #thestruggleisreal

So here goes… A day in the life of: A Morena in Manila



I don’t know about you, but grocery shopping time is ME-time. It’s usually when I wander up and down the aisles, oftentimes walking aimlessly, while casually picking up certain items here and there. I find it to be relaxing, therapeutic even.

But one major thing that stresses me out is all of the whitening products. Whitening facial wash, whitening lotion, whitening body scrub, whitening sunblock; holy guacamole whitening EVERYTHING — including feminine washes! Why, why, WHY???

I mean, how hard is it for a girl to get washed and cleaned up without subjecting oneself to numerous chemicals made to lighten one’s skin? Seriously, what is with this lack of variety for “normal” toiletries?

And WHAT is with the CONSTANT bugging from sales ladies asking if I want a whiter face, whiter body, etc.? Heck! maybe next time they’ll even ask if I want a whiter ASS! The answer is a hundred times “no thanks” — I LOVE my skin color and I would love to be left alone now to shop in peace please.



Geisha, mime or a sheet of paper? Oh boy! look at all the options I have. Hmmm…What look am I going for today? How about NONE OF THE ABOVE! Come on now, let’s get real here. If there are 50 shades of gray and other colors such as chartreuse, glaucous, fulvous and xanadu (yes, they’re all real), then there sure as hell 50 other shades of “skin-tone” as well. My face, my choice… of foundation color. Now give it to me!



Because not everyone is a “peach”. ‘Nuff said.



Let’s just stop with the labels altogether, shall we?

I’m pretty sure we’re all aware that we are in the year 2017, yes? Yes. So why in the hell is it that people think it’s ok to label someone as “exotic” just because they’re with a foreigner? Uhm, excuse me but last I checked I’m not a bird, a plant or an animal. So you can stop with the “exotic” remarks, ok? I just happen to be a person of brown color who’s with a caucasian. There’s really nothing more to it.

Next up, “black beauty”.

i.e. “Ay tignan mo si ate o, black beauty.”
(Oh look at her, she’s a black beauty.)

And while this label doesn’t quite irritate me as much, I just don’t understand why. I mean, are fair girls called “Snow White” automatically as they walk into the store? Just call it out as it is and give us a compliment without adding labels and most especially without adding… “for a dark skinned girl”.

i.e. “Maganda siya kahit maitim.”

(She’s pretty… for a dark skinned girl)

Let’s just stop with the labels altogether, shall we?

So there you have it, a few of the undertakings I go through as a dark-skinned girl in the Philippines. How about you, what other experiences have you had?



Peace, Love and Lipgloss,


About morenabeachbum

i love the beach--sand--sun--waves--tan lines--the sound of the waves--the feeling of sand slipping through my toes--i love the OCEAN!--i am an island girl through and through--i LOVE the PHILIPPINES--i am a FILIPINA--i love the smell of fresh cut grass--i love being outdoors--sitting or lying down on the grass is fun--soaking up the sun is even better--i love FOOTBALL--best sport in the world!--i like to think about the good times and smile about them--i wonder a lot about the could have beens in my life but i DONT REGRET--im secure with myself--i say what i wanna say--i'm liberated--i hate people who are "fake"--i'm very straight forward--i am vain--i love taking pictures of myself #selfie--im MORENA (Spanish for tanned/dark (dark hair, eyes, skin)) & i love my skin color! #notowhhiteningproducts #blech--i love love LOVE to shop--i'm actually an impulsive buyer *cringe*--i love learning about other people's cultures--i love traveling--wanderlust--i love learning new languages--im thirsty for adventure--i also love gummy bears, almond snickers and gushers--cheerios is the best breakfast cereal ever--i love green apples dipped in peanut butter or cookie butter from Trader Joe's--i also love peanut butter sandwiches with slices of banana in them--random... very random I am--i love looking for the best bargain places--i never hold back when it comes to love--i love with both my heart & my soul (take it, just take it all! LOL)--im a hopeless romantic--i can be pretty moody at times so i suggest you steer clear of me when i'm at that point (just sayin... you have been warned)--i miss playing football (aka soccer) regularly--i miss my college football team and my teammates (hey guys!)--i am enjoying my life--i'm crazy--hyper--im short--im talkative--i'm real--i'm a bit of a neat freak--bossy, too at times (oh well, just keepin' it real)--i am ME-- xoxo, morenabeachbum
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