The Best Kind of Friendships

The best kind of friendships are the ones that…

Can withstand the test of time and picks up exactly where you left off; as if no time had gone by. And despite the years that have passed, you’re still very much connected and are updated with each other’s lives.


The best kind of friendships are the ones that…

Knows no boundaries. You can be on opposite ends of the globe but still find time to say hello, how are you and what have you been up to. Time differences are no match with the friendship you have going on.


The best kind of friendships are the ones that…

Recognizes no divide — whether it be race, color, culture, religion, social class or age. You’re friends because you choose to embrace these differences. You open your eyes, heart and mind and expose yourself to different situations and form wonderful relationships thus helping you grow into a better and more worldly individual.


The best kind of friendships are the ones that…

stays with you through good times and bad. They’re there to support you, listen to you, cry with you, and at times protect you. In other words, they have your back.


The best kind of friendships are the ones that…

will never judge or abandon you. No matter how bad or stupid the decisions that you make may be, no judgments are made and they stick by your side.


So if you’re lucky and blessed to have these kinds of friendships, remember to cherish and be thankful for each and every one.

They truly are the best I tell you — 100% real, genuine and fun.

Peace, Love and Lipgloss,


About morenabeachbum

i love the beach--sand--sun--waves--tan lines--the sound of the waves--the feeling of sand slipping through my toes--i love the OCEAN!--i am an island girl through and through--i LOVE the PHILIPPINES--i am a FILIPINA--i love the smell of fresh cut grass--i love being outdoors--sitting or lying down on the grass is fun--soaking up the sun is even better--i love FOOTBALL--best sport in the world!--i like to think about the good times and smile about them--i wonder a lot about the could have beens in my life but i DONT REGRET--im secure with myself--i say what i wanna say--i'm liberated--i hate people who are "fake"--i'm very straight forward--i am vain--i love taking pictures of myself #selfie--im MORENA (Spanish for tanned/dark (dark hair, eyes, skin)) & i love my skin color! #notowhhiteningproducts #blech--i love love LOVE to shop--i'm actually an impulsive buyer *cringe*--i love learning about other people's cultures--i love traveling--wanderlust--i love learning new languages--im thirsty for adventure--i also love gummy bears, almond snickers and gushers--cheerios is the best breakfast cereal ever--i love green apples dipped in peanut butter or cookie butter from Trader Joe's--i also love peanut butter sandwiches with slices of banana in them--random... very random I am--i love looking for the best bargain places--i never hold back when it comes to love--i love with both my heart & my soul (take it, just take it all! LOL)--im a hopeless romantic--i can be pretty moody at times so i suggest you steer clear of me when i'm at that point (just sayin... you have been warned)--i miss playing football (aka soccer) regularly--i miss my college football team and my teammates (hey guys!)--i am enjoying my life--i'm crazy--hyper--im short--im talkative--i'm real--i'm a bit of a neat freak--bossy, too at times (oh well, just keepin' it real)--i am ME-- xoxo, morenabeachbum
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