Making Extra Buck$: How To Manage Your Airbnb Space


Whether it’s doing a bit of freelance writing, selling handmade jewelry or renting your space out on vacation home rental sites; bottom line is, we’re all trying to make a few extra buckeroos. And why wouldn’t we be? If it means putting away a few extra dollars for our next vacation, well, quite frankly, I’m on top of it!

And since I’ve quite recently put our condo in Tagaytay up on Airbnb, I decided to write about how YOU can manage your Airbnb space — whether hands-on, or remotely.

1. Simple & Clean.

Keeping your space neat and tidy is very important. Simple designs, clean lines, minimal yet tasteful decor and practical items (appliances) give your space a nice, airy, cozy and practical feel; all of which are very important for those renters looking for a little retreat to unwind and step away from the stresses of city living, yet still have the comforts of home. The last thing they’ll want after all, is to step into a clutter-filled abode, leaving a bad taste in their mouth and you, with a not-so-good review.


2. FRESH errthang!

Bed sheets, towels, hand towels, kitchen rags, etc. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING needs to be fresh! Wash your linens after every guest checks out, and make cleaning up a breeze by having 2 sets of everything. There’s no waiting time in between making the bed, so you’ll be ready for your next guest in a jiffy.


3. Set the rules straight. 

Airbnb is essentially sharing your home with others (whilst making money of course), so make sure you set the rules straight as to how you expect them to treat your space. Be really clear and to the point — is smoking allowed? Are pets allowed? Can they hang laundry on the balcony or not? Are they allowed to have guests over? Aside from putting these things on your space listing, make sure to leave a copy inside your home as well so that they’re reminded.


4. List your space as accurately as possible.

Sorry, but putting a screen divider between the kitchen and your bed doesn’t make it a one-bedroom. Be real and accurate with the description of your space. Nothing good ever comes from lying and trust me, your guests will not be happy upon entering a one-bedroom unit that’s really just a studio space.

**Does your place have cable tv, wifi or a hair dryer? Don’t forget to mention these things! They’re massive perks that can score big points with certain travelers/renters.


5. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Pictures help determine the layout of your space. Make sure your photos are of good quality and show every nook and cranny. (TIPS on how to shoot a stellar listing are provided by Airbnb here. What’s even better is Airbnb offers hosts free professional photographers to come out and take photos of your place. Yaasss!). No one likes surprises (bad ones, of course), so if one has to walk through a bedroom to get to the bathroom, make sure to show that as well.


6. Welcome with wide open arms. 

A welcome basket is always appreciated. Try to include local delicacies/treats that are local to the area, and if you’re aware that your guests are celebrating a special occasion, then do keep that in mind.



7. Managing your Airbnb remotely.

Away on holiday but still want to rent out your space? Invest in an electronic door lock for your home which allows you to change pass codes in between guests. It’s a lot safer (some keyless entry systems allow you to address door lock situations from your mobile phone) and more convenient (no more waiting around for guests who come in late). Also, make sure to find trustworthy and superb cleaners to keep your place in tip-top condition.


Yup, there you have it folks! The basics on managing your space. Now get out there and make that money, money, money… through Airbnb. Ha!


Peace, Love and Lipgloss,


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