Eat Like The Locals: Lalapan

Traveling to other countries is always fun. Exploring new places, experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, and of course, trying out local cuisines.

While you can read about highly recommended, must-try food in travel magazines or guide books, I still prefer discovering hole-in-the-wall places recommended by no other than the locals.

And since sharing is caring, here I am imparting knowledge on where to get THE BEST lalapan in Bali.

Lalapan — oh how I have dreams of your yummy crispy chicken, deep fried to perfection. Your array of tahu (tofu), tempeh (soybean), terong (eggplant), cabbage and cucumber placed neatly on top of THE MOST BOMB sambal sauce EVER! Oh lalapan, how you make my mouth water. (Did I just somewhat serenade lalapan? LOL)

While lalapan is a-plenty in Bali (I swear, I feel like they’re on every street corner), there’s one that stands out because of his uh-ma-zing sambal sauce. (What’s lalapan without great sambal anyway?) I kid you not, it’s the best! It’s the perfect amount of spiciness and tomatoes all blended together. That, mixed in with all the food mentioned above is just a party in your mouth. Ennak sekali!

Not a fan of chicken? Fret not, he also serves lele (catfish) and bebek (duck). 

His stand is located on Jalan Raya Pantai Berawa near the bend headed towards Canggu Permai, right across Indomaret. It’s pretty easy to find (trust me on this one, I’m not good with directions but you won’t get lost), and when you do, make sure to order all that goodness with es jeruk ((local) orange juice with ice). For only 28,000 Rupiah (USD$ 2.10) you’ll be leaving with a happy stomach and a craving for more next time you go.

Happy eating!


Peace, Love and Lipgloss,



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