When I Grow Up… I Want To Be ME!

What have you always wanted to be?

Back in 1st grade, I wanted to be a flight attendant – or should I say, stewardess (that’s what they called it during the 90’s)… and then, 2nd grade rolled in and I wanted to be an archaeologist. Legit, I was collecting rocks and analyzing what kind they were – sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic, etc. (See funny true story below) Then at one point, I wanted to be a vet, but you know, the one that didn’t deal with reptiles. And then a lawyer and then a VJ… the list was endless.

Funny true story: My dad would always help me carry my bag when he picked me up from after-school activities and one day he asked, “What do you have in here? Rocks? Why is it so heavy?” Little did he know… I actually did have rocks. Ha!

Ok, so back to what I was saying. As a child, we have many dreams and aspirations. I want to be this, I want to be that! But as you grow older, you realize that you don’t always become what you want to be, or what you thought you wanted to be. And you know what I’ve gathered after 28 years…? Is that it’s TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY OKAY! While society, and sometimes your parents, dictate what mold you have to fit in, you have to know for yourself that every individual is unique and everyone has a different path to take. There is no such thing as ‘cookie cutter’ lives. Seriously, take it from me. A wandering soul… on a journey to truly find what it is I’m really meant to do. And as my birthday comes creeping around the corner and I turn another year older, I have to stop and think about what I’m doing with my life. And then it hits me…


Living the way I want to. No, scratch that. Just simply LIVING. Period.

No regrets, with arms wide open.






About morenabeachbum

i love the beach--sand--sun--waves--tan lines--the sound of the waves--the feeling of sand slipping through my toes--i love the OCEAN!--i am an island girl through and through--i LOVE the PHILIPPINES--i am a FILIPINA--i love the smell of fresh cut grass--i love being outdoors--sitting or lying down on the grass is fun--soaking up the sun is even better--i love FOOTBALL--best sport in the world!--i like to think about the good times and smile about them--i wonder a lot about the could have beens in my life but i DONT REGRET--im secure with myself--i say what i wanna say--i'm liberated--i hate people who are "fake"--i'm very straight forward--i am vain--i love taking pictures of myself #selfie--im MORENA (Spanish for tanned/dark (dark hair, eyes, skin)) & i love my skin color! #notowhhiteningproducts #blech--i love love LOVE to shop--i'm actually an impulsive buyer *cringe*--i love learning about other people's cultures--i love traveling--wanderlust--i love learning new languages--im thirsty for adventure--i also love gummy bears, almond snickers and gushers--cheerios is the best breakfast cereal ever--i love green apples dipped in peanut butter or cookie butter from Trader Joe's--i also love peanut butter sandwiches with slices of banana in them--random... very random I am--i love looking for the best bargain places--i never hold back when it comes to love--i love with both my heart & my soul (take it, just take it all! LOL)--im a hopeless romantic--i can be pretty moody at times so i suggest you steer clear of me when i'm at that point (just sayin... you have been warned)--i miss playing football (aka soccer) regularly--i miss my college football team and my teammates (hey guys!)--i am enjoying my life--i'm crazy--hyper--im short--im talkative--i'm real--i'm a bit of a neat freak--bossy, too at times (oh well, just keepin' it real)--i am ME-- xoxo, morenabeachbum
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