Go-Jek Indonesia: PROS and CONS

Getting around Bali can get frustrating at times — crazy traffic, TOO MANY motorbikes that overtake you on both sides, really narrow roads suited for just 1 car (but miraculously can actually fit 2), etc. Going anywhere, at least for me, is just a flat out challenge. Thankfully, they now have Go-Jek in Bali. This service was briefly mentioned to me by my friend Lien, and I thought, well hey, why not give it a go? And that’s exactly what I did. So how was my experience with them? Read below to find out.

What is Go-Jek?

Go-Jek is a socially minded company that provides you with motorcycle taxi services and more — transport, courier, food delivery, and even shopping (so long as it’s below Rp1,000,000)! It saves you a bundle of time, especially during rush hour, as these motorbikes can weave in and out of traffic like it ain’t no thang. Seriously, I think these guys have been riding motorbikes since the age of 10! Pros!

G0-Jek Services

Instant Courier – “90 minute delivery anywhere in the city” (in this case, island)

Got a package to send out? Don’t stress yourself out, let them handle it.

Transport – “Transparent pricing, free shower cap and masker”

No haggling with “transport” guys. Just order away on your app and a G0-Jek driver will pick you up right at your doorstep. Prices will depend on how far you’re going (km reading).

*They have a promo right now for Bali. Rp10,000 only for every ride. 

**Insert this referral code 542897396 and get Rp50,000 credit for first-time use. 

Shopping/Food Delivery – “Shop for food, ticket, medicine anything under Rp 1.000.000. We’ll pay for it first”

Still have a million and one things to do around the house but you’re out of eggs? Get them to do the grocery shopping for you! Major time-saver!

So, here goes…

My experience using Go-Jek in Bali

First attempt: Transport; getting a Go-Jek to take me from Kuta to Canggu  

June 17, 8:36am – No driver.

Fair enough, it was probably still too early. There weren’t any drivers around. Oh well, time to call a Blue Bird Taxi.

Second attempt: Transport; getting a Go-Jek to take me to Lippo Mall so I can go do my groceries at Hypermart


June 18, 12:16pm and 12:26pm – Canceled and “Completed”

Two failed attempts on this day. My first order said it was 13 minutes away, so I got ready and upon checking my phone to see where he was, it got “canceled” even though I didn’t press anything on my app. Because of that, I ordered another one.

On my second order, it said the driver was arriving in 21 minutes. I waited patiently and after a good hour or so of waiting with no driver in sight, I got my friend Lien to text the driver in Bahasa Indonesia to ask where he was and if he was on his way. Sadly, all he said was that it was traffic. No whereabouts, no ETA. Not gonna lie, this annoyed me SO much. Why? Because I didn’t know if he was even on his way or not, or if he had even attempted to come; I didn’t know anything. I had other things to do and I would have appreciated an update on his whereabouts. After getting a less than satisfactory reply, I decided to send him a message to just cancel the order. That’s when he started to call me asking where exactly I was located. At that point though, it had been well over an hour and there was no way I was going to wait for him anymore.

NOTE: I didn’t get to rate the driver (honestly, I would have given him 0 stars but that’s not possible though as 1 is the lowest) because the app doesn’t allow you to when you cancel, but I guess that’s just one of the flaws of Go-Jek that they have to improve on — not being able to give feedback if you cancel due to the driver’s incapability to deliver the service ordered. Go-Jek, please get on this.

Third attempt: Shopping; getting a Go-Jek to do some grocery shopping for me at Carrefour


June 20, 9:51am and 10:45am – “Canceled” and Completed

Failure and success all in one day. My first order was a major fail. Just like my previous experience, I waited around to no avail. I decided to text the driver to ask where he was and how much longer he would be, and after a good 30 minutes, he got back to me saying that he had no money to buy the things I asked for (mind you, it was just worth Rp75,000) and that I should just cancel. What irritated me this time around was the fact that if I hadn’t asked him for his whereabouts (I used Lien’s Indonesian text message from the day prior), I wouldn’t have found out about this. I mean really, if you offer a “Shopping” service and vouch to pay for anything below Rp1,000,000, shouldn’t you always carry money with you then? Also, what’s with not updating your client? That’s what truly irks me.

But because I really needed the items, I decided to order another Go-Jek. This time, the housekeeper was around so she did a bit of translating for me. While it did take a while to receive my items (he arrived at 1pm, ordered at 10:45am), in the end, it was a success. Driver Moh Arif Setyawan — well done and thank you! Five stars for you.

Overall I think Go-Jek’s concept is good, but for someone who doesn’t speak Indonesian like me, it’s difficult, especially since the drivers hardly speak any English. Would I give Go-Jek another try? Probably not. It’s failed more times than it’s worked for me so I guess it’s time to start scootering around myself or sticking with the ever-reliable Blue Bird Group. If you ever get a chance to try Go-Jek out or have availed of their service, please leave a comment below as I’d like to know how it went for you.

Until next time!

Peace, Love and Lipgloss,


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