The Art of Packing Light: Traveling With Just A Carry-On

7kgs — that’s all you get.

Packing light is essential for any backpacker, flashpacker or any type of traveler who has plans of hopping from one country to the other for an extended period of time.

It’s vitally important as it makes moving around a whole lot easier, and totally eliminates the risk of losing a luggage. On top of that, it saves you a few bucks here and there, because there won’t be a need for you to check in any bags.

Here are my tips on how you can lighten your load.

Invest in a good backpack/suitcase

I can’t stress this enough. Whether it’s being piled on top of a jeepney in Sagada, or being used as an unconventional footrest in a crowded bus, your bag will get roughed up as you move from one place to another, so it’s extremely important that the bag you buy is sturdy. The last thing you need is having to deal with small items falling out due to a hole in your bag or seams busting open.

Think and rethink your wardrobe

Lay out your clothes on the floor or your bed and ask yourself why you’re taking it, and if you’ll really need it. If your mind starts to go into overtime and starts reasoning with you starting with the thought “what if”, then there’s a high chance that you won’t be needing it. Remember to pack only the necessities.

Think multi-purpose and pack clothes that can be worn more than once. Sarongs for example, can be worn as a beach cover up, but can also be a beach/picnic blanket or a privacy curtain for a bunk bed when staying in a hostel. Same goes for bikinis. If, for any reason you run out of clean underwear (let’s hope not), bikinis are a great substitute. Shorts and jeans, on the other hand, can be worn 2-3x before they have to be washed.

Mixing and matching is also very important as it will allow you to create new looks without having to take so many outfits with you. Make sure as well that the material of your clothes are lightweight and folds small.

When you find that you’re running out of clean clothes, which will most certainly happen if you’re traveling for months on end, head over to the nearest laundromat and get to washing!

Last but most certainly not the least, footwear. Bring at least 1 pair of sneakers, flip flops and sandals. That’s about it.

Travel-sized toiletries or buy them there

If you’re traveling for a week, you can easily get by with 50ml bottles. But for those who’ll be gone for a longer period of time, then I highly suggest that you just buy your toiletries at the country of destination. It’ll save on precious space and kgs, plus help you discover local brands along the way.

Roll, don’t fold 

If you’re still having that debate on whether you should roll or fold your clothes, well, the answer is 100%, roll. It’ll save SO MUCH space in you bag that you’ll never want to fold, ever again. You can also choose to invest on airtight bags to reduce the bulk, or for a cheaper alternative, use resealable bags. Just pack them up and zip it so that there’s no air left inside. Voila! Even more space!

So the next time you’re traveling, keep these things in mind, and you’ll never have to check in a luggage again.

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