Plane Pet Peeves: The Do’s and Don’ts When Flying (Part 3)

Up, up and away! The ‘Plane Pet Peeves’ series continues #makeitaSundayritual so read on to make sure you’re NOT that passenger.

DO wear comfortable clothes when traveling. Sitting in a tube in high altitude is almost always an unpleasant experience (unless of course you’re in First or Business Class) so save yourself the trouble of being even more uncomfortable and wear clothes that breathe and aren’t too tight. Because seriously, ain’t no one to impress up here missy, so leave that tight dress behind.

TIP: Dress nicely to get a higher chance of getting upgraded to business class. Dressing like a hobo will only leave you sitting where you look like you belong — at the far back in coach. Some may see it as discrimination, but that’s how the airline industry works. #donthatetheplayerhatethegame Now put on something decent and check in with that “I belong” attitude. Good luck!

Bonus Tip: Wear a scarf, even if you’re headed to a warm country. It always gets cold on airplanes so keep warm by using that scarf as a blanket. It also doubles as a pillow if you’re not one to get cold easily. Either way, it’s a win-win situation. 

DO NOT be ‘Chatty Cathy’. Saying hi to your seat mate is never a crime but if they give you the cold shoulder or pops open a book in front of you, take a hint. Some people would actually like to use the time up in the air to catch up on sleep, their reading, or just basically have their alone time. Be respectful and just learn to zip it.

DO lower your music volume. Unless someone died and made you airline DJ, I highly suggest you turn down your volume. First of all, we’re not in the club, second of all, not everyone has the same taste in music as you, and third, having your music turned up like that totally defeats the whole purpose of using earphones. Turn. It. Down.

DO put your kids games on silent mode. “Ping! Ping! Ni nu ni nu ni nu… KABLAM!” (Ok, I don’t know what game this is but just go with it) Uh-uh. No one wants to hear that. Put it on silent, please. And don’t make me ask you twice.

DO NOT grab the headrest in front of you when getting up! Because no one appreciates their head being jostled around, especially when they’re fast asleep. Use the arm rest to prop yourself up, and if that doesn’t work, try losing a few pounds because it really shouldn’t be that hard. #sorryimnotsorry

DO bring your own pen. You know there are many forms to fill out — immigration, customs, etc. How hard is it to stick a pen in your bag? It’s a MUST, so don’t forget it the next time you travel. In fact, go put it in your travel documents case now, like right this minute. Go!

TIP: STILL forgot your pen? Borrow one from the flight attendant, fill your forms out right away (don’t wait until you’re in line for immigration, you’re going to hold up the line) and return it (the pen)! #IveLostGoodPensToPassengersWhoNeverGaveItBack #soannoyed UGH!

DO NOT make jokes about hijackers, bombs or plane crashes. Probably the most idiotic thing you could do, so just don’t. Or else… *Gives you the death stare* and you get kicked off the plane.

‘Til next time… Happy flying!

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2 Responses to Plane Pet Peeves: The Do’s and Don’ts When Flying (Part 3)

  1. Chris says:

    Flying on Biz is also not a pleasant experience; who wants to be cooped up in a tube for so many hours? #NoOne


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