Plane Pet Peeves: The Do’s and Don’ts When Flying (Part 2)

The ‘Plane Pet Peeves’ Series continues… here are some more Do’s and Don’ts to ensure each and every passenger on board has a pleasant flight.

DO NOT recline your chair during meal time. I don’t care if you’re listening to Terror Squad feat. Fat Joe’s “Lean Back” song and you’re just really feelin’ it, but please be polite and put your chair in an upright position when the person behind you is trying to eat. Don’t make it any more difficult than it already is. Eating the appetizer, main meal and dessert on a tray is hard enough. Capiche?

DO put on your shoes before entering the lavatory. Because germs. Lots and lots of them.

DO NOT take up the other person’s floor space. I’m sorry your overstuffed backpack doesn’t fit in the overhead luggage bin nor does it fit under the seat in front of you (how is that even allowed as a carry-on???) but that shouldn’t be the other person’s problem. Now, if you could just please move your feet back to the little space left that’s in front of you. KGreatThanks.

DO take a shower before your next flight. There is nothing WORSE than having to sit next to a person with really bad B.O. I don’t care if it’s a 1-hour flight or an 11-hour flight. Just please, do us all a favor, including yourself, and practice proper hygiene. *pops an Advil*

TIP: Some airlines actually allow you to move seats if the person you’re seated to has really bad B.O. Stop suffering and just simply ask. You’re welcome. 

DO use your indoor voice. Seriously, the person you’re talking to is right there. Why are you screaming?

DO wait for your turn to exit the plane. It’s the same logic as getting on. Chill out, it’s not like they’re going to lock you in on the plane. We are all getting off. Just wait for your turn.

DO NOT kick/hit the back of the seat. Well hello Daddy Long Legs, welcome on board. How about next time you either A. book a first class ticket or B. pay extra to get the emergency exit seat (more leg room). Whatever your choice is, just make sure to quit. kicking. the. back. of. my. seat. *Gives you the death stare*

‘Til next time… Happy flying!

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