Plane Pet Peeves: The Do’s and Don’ts When Flying (Part 1)

Summer is here and that only means one thing: summer vacations! Some opt to do road trips and others choose to fly. But before hopping on that plane, here are some basic do’s and don’ts that you can familiarize yourselves with as to not cause turbulence up in the air.

DO wait for your row number to be called before lining up to get on the plane. It saves all of us the hassle of waiting in the cramp airplane aisle because you’re still trying to haul your overweight carry-on bag in the luggage bin. Seriously, we’re all going to get on. Just wait for your turn.

DO NOT take up the entire overhead bin space. It’s meant to be shared with other passengers so be polite and put your things in there neatly.

COLD-WEATHER TIP: Got a coat? Ask the flight attendant to put it in the coat closet rather than stuffing it in the bin taking up precious storage space.  

DO NOT hog all the pillows! It really does happen, people. There are some individuals out there who take other people’s pillows. Uhm sir, I’m pretty sure everyone gets one pillow and one blanket. You shouldn’t take them just because the person who’s supposed to sit in that seat hasn’t arrived yet. That’s called stealing.

TRUE STORY: Happened to me on my flight from Washington DC to Abu Dhabi. The man in front of me had 3 pillows while I had none. I of course rang for the flight attendant to ask for one and what do you know, she said they ran out. Uh-uh. I then pointed to the man in front of me and told her, hey, if he can have 3, I should at least be able to have 1. #righttoapillow

DO stand up when the person sitting at the window seat wants to get in or out. It’s really not rocket science. There is such a thing as ‘personal space’ and I, without a doubt, know that no one wants to have to go through that awkward moment when either their bum or their breasts gets in your face because you chose to NOT get up and merely just throw your legs to the side. Not cool, bruh, not cool.

DO NOT bring on board smelly food. We get it, it’s a budget airline and the food they sell is WAY OVERPRICED but really, what is that? Last week’s egg sandwich? No. Just no.

DO NOT take your seatbelt off just because we landed already. What are you? 5? We’re still taxiing our way down the runway towards the gate. Anything can still happen. Relax! And follow the rules.

DO wait until you’ve exited the plane to call your friend/family/driver to let them know you’ve arrived. No one wants to hear you yapping on your phone. “Hello? Hello! Hello?! Yes, I’ve arrived, we just landed.” *Gives you the death stare*

Stay tuned for part 2… Happy flying!

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