Life Calling… BRB

It was the (American) summer of 2004 and my family and I had gone to Bangkok, Thailand for our annual family vacation. I was 17 at that time and though I had traveled heaps before (thanks Papa and Mama for all the amazing summer vacations!), there was something about this trip that made it oh-so-special and extremely different from the rest. It was on this trip that my mind was opened up to the thought of endless travel…

So what was it? Was it the temples you ask? The beyond delicious Thai food? The elephant rides, which by the way, I don’t support anymore because I’m 100% against animal cruelty. Or the insanely cheap Thai massages? Well, it’s actually none of the above. It wasn’t anything I had seen or tasted. It was simply a talk my dad gave me while we were sitting in McDonalds (I was craving chicken nuggets, so sue me) located on Khao San Road that had me thinking that the world is my oyster. Our talk went a little something like this.

Papa: “Look at those two over there” (he was talking about the backpackers sitting next to us.)

Reby: “What about them?”

Papa: “Someday you and your sister will travel the world like that too. Alone.”

Reby: Smiles. No response. Continues eating chicken nuggets.

Little had my dad known that he had planted the seed (of travel) into my head through that conversation of ours, and years later, that seed has blossomed and grown until its occupied my mind like a big banyon tree, and all I can think about is to explore and travel… to anywhere and everywhere my heart and feet desires.

I don’t know if you remember this, Pa, but I just wanted to let you know that you’re my inspiration behind all this and it’s because of you that I am now embarking on this journey that I KNOW will change me for the better… as a person, as your daughter and as a citizen not just of the Philippines, but of the world.

And as for you Ma, thank you for always supporting me in what I do. We don’t always see eye to eye but you’ve just always been there, every step of the way, and that just means the world to me.

And though I may not be be traveling heaps, I am still going on a great big adventure… packing  up and moving my entire life to Bali!

I hope you all can join me as I experience new things and write about the next chapter of my life.

T-minus 44 days.

Peace Love and Lipgloss,


About morenabeachbum

i love the beach--sand--sun--waves--tan lines--the sound of the waves--the feeling of sand slipping through my toes--i love the OCEAN!--i am an island girl through and through--i LOVE the PHILIPPINES--i am a FILIPINA--i love the smell of fresh cut grass--i love being outdoors--sitting or lying down on the grass is fun--soaking up the sun is even better--i love FOOTBALL--best sport in the world!--i like to think about the good times and smile about them--i wonder a lot about the could have beens in my life but i DONT REGRET--im secure with myself--i say what i wanna say--i'm liberated--i hate people who are "fake"--i'm very straight forward--i am vain--i love taking pictures of myself #selfie--im MORENA (Spanish for tanned/dark (dark hair, eyes, skin)) & i love my skin color! #notowhhiteningproducts #blech--i love love LOVE to shop--i'm actually an impulsive buyer *cringe*--i love learning about other people's cultures--i love traveling--wanderlust--i love learning new languages--im thirsty for adventure--i also love gummy bears, almond snickers and gushers--cheerios is the best breakfast cereal ever--i love green apples dipped in peanut butter or cookie butter from Trader Joe's--i also love peanut butter sandwiches with slices of banana in them--random... very random I am--i love looking for the best bargain places--i never hold back when it comes to love--i love with both my heart & my soul (take it, just take it all! LOL)--im a hopeless romantic--i can be pretty moody at times so i suggest you steer clear of me when i'm at that point (just sayin... you have been warned)--i miss playing football (aka soccer) regularly--i miss my college football team and my teammates (hey guys!)--i am enjoying my life--i'm crazy--hyper--im short--im talkative--i'm real--i'm a bit of a neat freak--bossy, too at times (oh well, just keepin' it real)--i am ME-- xoxo, morenabeachbum
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